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SMOOTH500 Double Apple Disposable Vape (3 Pcs Pack)
SMOOTH500 Double Apple Disposable Vape (3 Pcs Pack)
SMOOTH500 Double Apple Disposable Vape (3 Pcs Pack)
SMOOTH500 Double Apple Disposable Vape (3 Pcs Pack)

SMOOTH500 Double Apple Disposable Vape (3 Pcs Pack)

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Smooth 500 range of disposable vape pens is not only health-friendly but also brings the same feel as can be obtained from smoking traditional tobacco. Ever thought of having that sweet apple taste in your mouth when you vape? This is indeed a pure delight for fruit lovers. This is a feature that can’t be obtained by convectional cigarettes and is among the major reasons that led to the massive switch from smoking to vaping. The Smooth 500 disposable double apple disposable vape pen e-cigarette provides nothing but pure quality vaping experience in every of its 500 puffs


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The Smooth 500 double apple disposable vape pen is a pen with 10 W. An e-cigarette’s watt level is a determinant factor of the level of hit a vaper can get, which is generally regarded as smoker delight. Aside from that, power also affects the cloud level that the pen can produce. 10 W is the best wattage and that is why Smooth 500 double apple disposable vape pen operates on this wattage. This amongest other features makes the Smooth 500 e-cigarettes the best vape pen you can get in Dubai.

Battery capacity

Like other flavors in the Smooth 500 disposable vape pen series, the battery capacity of the Smooth 500 double apple disposable vape pen is 310 mAh. This capacity will give the vaper a wonderful experience as it will last long to see that the whole 500 puffs run out. Suffice it to say that the 310 mAh battery capacity sets the Smooth 500 vape as not just a good buy but also a good puffs vape pen.

Pod capacity

With 1.5 ml pod volume capacity, Smooth 500 double apple disposable vape pen holds just enough e-liquid that will produce a satisfying 500 puffs. Pod volume does matter because it is a direct determinant of the number of puffs that can be obtained from each smoke and with Smooth 500 vape pens, you need not bother yourself about how to buy vape pods as they are not detachable or refillable. Quality, convenience, and simplicity are other things that come side by side with satisfaction when you vape the best disposable vape pen in the world.


Most vape pens come with a resistance of 1.8 ohms which is like a standard among vape pen manufacturers. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Disposablevapes Smooth 500 double apple disposable vape pen has a resistance that is not too low or high but is just the perfect match. If this was not the case, vapers will have an unpleasant experience with unsavory taste as a result of it the coil releasing a burnt taste or a taste without flavor. Taking cognizance of this, this pen was created so that vapers in Dubai and beyond won’t have any cause to complain.


Convenience is the key with the Smooth 500 range of disposable vape pens and size ensures convenience. With a size of L106.5 by D10.5, vapers will not have to stress themselves on how to carry it about. Whether it’s just one stick or the pack, these e-cigarettes will fit anywhere and anyhow you place them. The size allows you to enjoy the stigs on-the-go.


Stainless steel is the material used in making the Smooth 500 double apple disposable vape pen. This choice of material was necessitated based on the aesthetic requirement that would give it an appealing physical look in addition to the great satisfaction it gives. So vape smoking just got more beautiful with the best vape in Dubai. Purchase this device in any e-cigarette shop in Dubai and start enjoying that stylish vaping sensation.


With us, availability is never a problem because we have never run out of stock. We run an online vaporizer store in Dubai and UAE in general where you can buy vape pens online and get it delivered to you on time. We also have several of our products – the best disposable vape pen scattered in several e-cigarette shops in Dubai and beyond so that vapers can obtain the best quality disposable vape stigs with so much ease.

Alas! Here we are. Price has made lots of vapers not to enjoy the best vaping experience that they are supposed to get. Vaping is more or less about vaporizing e-liquids that are stored in the pod of an e-cigarette which in turn gives the desired flavor that vapers need. Lots of vapers instead of going for pens that have good and quality e-liquids would go for cheaper vape pens that are detrimental not to the vaping experience. This is because some cheaper vape pens will give out dry throat hits void of flavor, causing an uninteresting vaping experience.

Smooth 500 double apple disposable vape pen comes with specially prepared e-liquids that have no additives. The special apple taste guarantees vapers the utmost satisfaction they can think of and guess what? All these come at a very good price which if evaluated with the kind of service received, will make vapers return for more. So why don’t you click on the double apple disposable pen on our online vape store and start enjoying the beautiful experience.


Material Stainless
Size L106.5*D10.5
Battery Capacity 310mAh
Resistance 1.8oHm
Power 10W
Pod Capacity 1.5ml
Puff 500puffs

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